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We offer 24/7 emergency support for this service!

Our Automation & Instrumentation team is skilled, experienced, and certified at troubleshooting the components of industrial, municipal, and/or custom control panels. Our experienced team of service technicians has a comprehensive working knowledge of control panels and how each component is grouped into controls, power, and operational functionality.

We state this confidently: we know control panels, motors, and machines and we understand the intricacies in how each one controls, monitors, and keeps production lines operational. When a control panel fails, production grinds to a halt, leading to downtime, lost revenue, and disruption to a business. We take immediate action when a customer calls to quickly troubleshoot and resolve the problem to get you back online and operational. Although we service many industries, we specialize in the following industries:

  • Sawmills
  • Food Processing
  • Water Wastewater Treatment Facilities
  • Irrigation
  • Plywood
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Municipalities
  • Food Processing
  • Manufacturing
  • Remediation

We have more than 25 years of experience designing, building, working, and troubleshooting control panels. Our employees are masterly skilled at our craft, and we take great pride in our vast knowledge and understanding of hardware and software that allows us to provide accelerated customer solutions when addressing the following areas:

  • Circuit & Load Protections
  • Monitoring
  • Connected Devices
  • Sensors & Switches
  • Drives and Motor
  • Relays & Timers
  • Push Buttons
  • Power Supplies

Our personal commitment and hands-on customer approach are unique qualities that differentiate AET and our employees from the competition. We also offer 24/7 emergency services to keep our industrial and municipal customers’ complex machines, equipment, and production lines operational. Contact us today to learn more.

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PNE’s family of brands also includes a commercial and petroleum construction division (PNE Construction), an industrial cleaning division (CCS) and our hazardous waste management, disposal and transportation division (WXE). provide a broad range of services from Design-Build to comprehensive industrial and environmental services!

Commitment to Safety

Pacific Northern Environmental is committed to the safety and health of its employees, customers, and the environment we work in. Each of our managers and employees is trained in site-specific and job hazard safety practices upon hiring and annually thereafter. We also adhere to all safety protocols set by the clients we serve. On-site safety performance is tracked continuously by job site audits by our full-time safety professionals. Our Experience Modification Rating (EMR) and OSHA Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) are well below industry average. For more information about our commitment to safety, visit our safety page.