Infrared Thermal Testing

Infrared image of locating overheating conductors

Locating overheating conductors

Infrared image of locating overheating conductors

Locating overheating conductors

Infrared image of proactive breaker testing to predict future failures

Proactive breaker testing to predict future failures

Infrared Thermal Testing

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AET’s infrared thermal testing and hands-on customer approach walk the customer through the infrared testing process. What we’re looking for specifically are electrical system overloads, loose and defective components, damaged switch gears, hot spots, and defective equipment. Our training and equipment allow us to make a diagnosis with recommended repairs with minimum contact to the equipment or interruption to production.

Infrared thermography locates and measures hidden “hot spots” caused by defects in connections and electrical components. Performing infrared thermal testing provides our customers with a cost-effective window of information to determine potential system failures and fires that may result from loose connections and unbalanced electrical loads. Infrared Electrical Inspections: The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70B mandates a minimum of yearly testing while NFPA 70E provides education on safe electrical work practices to perform the required testing.

Infrared thermal testing should be conducted annually and prior to a shutdown. In addition to annual testing, infrared thermal testing should be performed when experiencing electrical power losses, installation of new electrical equipment, or changes in operational or unbalanced load conditions.

  • Crucial/critical equipment every three (3) months.
  • Essential equipment every six (6) months.
  • Non-essential equipment every year.

We incorporate an infrared thermal camera into its testing procedure as a powerful troubleshooting tool for all electrical applications. With resolution options of 160 x 120 infrared pixels, our testing department has the tools and capability to accurately measure temperatures from -20°C to 250°C/-4°F to 482°F to clearly reveal energy loss.

Once the infrared thermal testing is completed and if any repairs are necessary, AET will provide a recommended maintenance infrared thermal testing schedule (quarterly to annually) to keep all crucial, essential, and non-equipment safe and reliable.

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