Since 1999, AET has offered Design-Build, turn-key electrical solutions utilizing our masterly-skilled estimators, electrical engineer, and project managers to deliver detailed designs and completed projects on time and on budget. We take into consideration all project requirements and building use during the design phase to ensure a seamless transition from concept to commissioning.

We pride ourselves on our innate ability to use customers’ visions to create detailed designs and project-based estimates that meet all project requirements. Our customer-centric approach is a catalyst to electrifying a mutually beneficial spark between AET and our customers that spurs innovation, teamwork, and collaboration to successfully deliver a Design-Build project with excellent results.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, we deploy a variety of software tools, strategic alliances, versatile products, and more importantly, continuous communication between our customers and employees. This ongoing dialogue is the foundation for the implementation of ideas thus expanding the possibilities during the Design-Build phase to produce a product that meets the manufacturing needs and services of our customers.

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The Design-Build Advantage

Technical Experience
  • Our employees bring years of collective Design-Build experience and are trained to address customers’ most technical challenges, inefficiencies, and issues and problem solve real time production issues.
Talented Professionals
  • Our Design-Build experts are fluent in the latest technology and utilize critical customer data to design smarter, more efficient operating processes to increase production that become a true revenue driver for customer businesses.
Collaborative Partnership
  • Our honest, transparent, side-by-side, collaborative customer approach creates a synergistic partnership between AET and our customers. We listen and capture the essential elements shared by our customers to produce a vision-based solution that connects people, production, and automation.
Creative Imaginations
  • We invest in our people by creating an environment and culture where we thrive, create, innovate, and problem-solve the most complex and complicated customer challenges that result in a smarter customer solution not only for today, but for the future.


Our personal commitment to our customers is a side-by-side, collaborative approach during the Design-Build process that ensures greater execution from start to finish.


Our forward-thinking, customer-centric approach sparks creative, innovative, and solution-based ideas that solve real-time production challenges confronting our customers.

Continuous Communication

Proactive customer communication is the foundation for tailoring solutions during the Design-Build process to produce a product that meets the manufacturing needs of our customers.


We pride ourselves on our innate ability to create detailed designs and project-based estimates utilizing the latest technology to meet all project requirements.

100% Satisfaction

We have a personal commitment to collaboration, communication, customer service and 100% satisfaction of each project we complete.