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Solar Electric Systems

Home and Building Ownerswanting to reduce or eliminate their electric bill

Thousands of utility customers throughout the U.S. who were tired of the high cost of electricity have taken advantage of generous rebates and tax credits which are available for the installation of solar electric systems on their homes and businesses.

For example, the State of Oregon is currently offering a residential energy tax credit up to $1,500. The Energy Trust of Oregon is also offering incentives as part of their Solar Electric Buy-Down Program up to $20,000.

And unlike the old solar systems of yesteryear that only produced hot water, these new systems actually produce electricity. Clean reliable electricity to run lights, TVs, pumps, refrigerators, computers and many other appliances, all with free energy from the Sun.

How a solar system produces electricity for your building.

A solar electric system consists of several solar modules that contain many individual solar cells. A solar cell or photovoltaic cell is made of special materials called semiconductors, the most common semiconductor material which is used in the manufacture of a solar cell is known as silicon. When a light source strikes a solar cell, a portion of it is absorbed by the semiconductor material. The absorbed light energy knocks electrons loose, allowing them to flow freely.


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